Learn Italian from the comfort of your home or office

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La Bella Lingua Italiana

This modern teaching method is perfect for learning the Italian language. The student and the teacher can see each other during the class with the camera of the computer or the smartphone and have the possibility to read and write in Italian. The audio is perfect for listening to Italian and learning the pronunciation of “La Bella Lingua Italiana”.

The best contents to learn Italian

To learn Italian, the quality and level of teaching is very important and this course entitled “La Bella Lingua Italiana” offers complete grammar sheets, exercises, audio recordings and readings, which, from levels Beginners A1-A2 reach intermediate levels B1-B2, up to the more advanced levels C1-C2.

A new Business Italian course

For all interested students, there is an excellent Business Italian course, with very useful educational material for learning the Italian language and for working with Italian companies and clients.