The Milan Cathedral

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The Milan Cathedral is 108 meters and a half high, along 158 and wide 96 and is by far the third cathedral in the world, after Saint Peter and Seville. The cathedral was consecrated by Archbishop Carlo Borromeo in 1572, although it was not completed. The last spikes were placed only after the middle of the eighteenth century and in 1813 the completion was complete (but the last door was only positioned in 1965).

Among the most strange statues of the Duomo of Milan is that depicting St. Bartholomew (without skin), with his own skin thrown over his shoulders as a mantle. The statue was outside, but was placed inside the church because it scared the children.

Among the external decorations there are heads of monstrous beings, sometimes demons, very common in the medieval tradition; They depicted monsters to frighten the forces of evil.

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