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Welcome to Speak up Italian Carissimi Amici !

Speak Up Italian is an Italian Academy online


Our Italian teachers: Speak Up Italian has enthusiastic teachers that give their classes by Skype. All our teachers are Italian and have an Italian University degree. Our teachers have many years of experience teaching Italian by Skype and they speak English to help the students in the first Italian lessons. For Spain and other Latin-American Countries our Italian teachers can speak Spanish.

Our Italian lessons by Skype: Skype Lesson are absolutely perfect to teach and learn Italian. Students and teachers can make the lessons by Skype using the Skype Video System and also they can write and read during the lesson. The Skype Audio is really perfect to pronounce in the best way the musical and cheerful Italian “Bella Lingua”.

Youth using computersOur contents: We have an exclusive Italian Grammar, good exercises, listening and reading topics for  Beginner Levels A1-A2, Intermediate Levels B1-B2 and Advanced Levels C1-C2  as well a very interesting  Italian commercial course (Corso d’italiano commerciale) to improve the Italian language and to work with Italian Companies and customers.

Our classes:
The first day of class the student makes a test to know his Italian level and after that, our teacher selects the best Italian Course. The teachers always  send a Lesson Report by e-mail with the principal new topics, phrases and words used in the Skype lessons as well the homeworks (Grammar contents, exercises, reading and listening) for the next Italian lesson.

cheerful woman using laptop computer at homeSpeak Up Italian gives to the students many useful and funny informations to travel and visit Italia the “Bel Paese”.

For more information about our Italian Courses by Skype and our best class rates, please write to: info@speakupitalian.com

Our Customer Service will contact you with detailed explanations.